Chapter 1
Setting the scene

Structure of this Issues Paper

1.41The remainder of this Issues Paper is structured as follows:

(a) Chapter 2 discusses the dynamics of family violence in general and in the context of victims of family violence who commit homicide.
(b) Chapter 3 discusses the current law and relevant aspects of the wider criminal legal system.
(c) Chapter 4 summarises previous work in this area.
(d) Chapter 5 identifies problems with how the law currently applies to victims of family violence.
(e) Chapter 6 discusses the various approaches taken to this issue in other countries.
(f) Chapter 7 identifies and discusses options for reform in relation to self-defence.
(g) Chapter 8 identifies and discusses the options of a partial defence or separate homicide offence for recognising a reduced level of culpability.
(h) Chapter 9 identifies other reform options that have the purpose of recognising reduced culpability or of improving on institutional, professional and community understanding of the social context.

1.42The Commission is seeking submissions particularly on Chapters 5, 7, 8 and 9 but would welcome comment on any other area of this Issues Paper.